It's Time

To take responsibility

It's time to defend life with intention.  To look inward so that you can venture outward.  To stand in the gap between the culture of death and innocent life. 

It's time to say "Yes" to God's call.

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“Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.”

St. Augustine

Have you become frustrated with dissentions, hatred, and rash judgment within your pro-life ministry? Are you longing for unity between all those who work towards the end of abortion?  Are you looking for a deeper, more tangible way to say “Yes” to God’s call for your ministry? Are you ready to do the hard work to become a more mature and spiritually equipped pro-life advocate? Do you wonder if you have erred and made mistakes in your ministry, but don’t know where or how? 

Now is the time to take responsibility for your personal pro-life ministry.  I'm here to help you.

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Above All, Love: Discerning Ways to Defend Life with Charity and Justice

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Elizabeth Gillette

Catholic Prolife Advocate, Writer and Speaker

In 2011, I walked into an abortion facility scared and hopeless, and walked out of the facility a broken shadow of myself. The abortion sent me into a devastating spiral of depression, broken relationships, self-hatred and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Through the saving grace of Jesus Christ, I found healing and forgiveness, and began to speak out against the industry that nearly destroyed me. My testimony has been shared in multiple court cases throughout the United States. Senator Waldon even read my testimony aloud to the 116th congress  while arguing against the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2019. I was featured in Oregon’s Measure 106 campaign to end public funding for abortion with Oregon Life United. I also shared my story in a Life Issues Institute radio and television special on Chemical Abortion with Brad Mattes titled “Breaking the Silence.” I currently reside in Oregon with my supportive husband and four living children, speaking and writing as much as I can.