Abortion and parental rights

When a parent loses parental rights through adoption, they have every opportunity to change their minds, sometimes even after a child has been placed with another family. This is because parental rights and the right to keep your child is so important and the decision is such a weighty one.

In the courts, or foster care system, parental rights are extremely important. We try to preserve them at all costs, allowing parents to have chances to get sober and clean, or fix something in their situation, and get their kids back.

In abortion, parental rights seemingly don’t matter. There is no informed consent. Women are stripped of their child and parental rights without being counseled, without waiting periods, without any safeguards. The abortion industry wants it to be this way because they benefit from women who are pressured to make quick decisions.

Informed consent in abortions is necessary, and yet… women are told nothing about the after effects, risks, or loss of parental rights they will face.

Why are parental rights so extremely important and so carefully considered when a child is separated from a parent through adoption, foster care, divorce, etc. but parental rights are not important when abortion is the cause of separation?

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