febrero 5, 2024

Fox news has published a piece about my chemical abortion, and how the FDA betrayed me when they failed to comply with safety regulations. To view the article, click the button below. The FDA removed all safety standards associated with the chemical abortion. That means that women are not required to see a doctor, receive…

abril 15, 2023

Today’s Gospel reading recounts the first apparitions of Jesus after His resurrection.  He chose to go first to Mary Magdalene.  The Gospel not only mentions her by name, but describes her as “the one from whom he had driven seven demons.”  Why is this so important?  Perhaps it is simply to distinguish her from Mary,…

love and fear how fear contributes to abortion
julio 20, 2022

One of the most common, if not the most common, phrases in the bible is “fear not.” (I have included the phrases “be not afraid” or “do not fear” in a lump with “fear not”.) God is exceedingly clear to us all. We should not give in to fear in our daily lives, even when we are confronted with some really big and really scary circumstances.

abril 24, 2022

April is National Poetry Month, and to celebrate I am posting several never before published poems that I wrote during times of deep sadness, desolation and sorrow. You can read the first and second poems here. When I was experiencing deep suffering after my abortion, I reflected on the moment I consumed the abortion pill….

abril 7, 2022

The following poem was written after carving pumpkins with my 4 living children. In a moment of deep sorrow, I realized that I had an extra pumpkin, and my lost child was missing, and would never carve a jack-o-lantern with his mommy.

poetry abortion elizabeth gillette
abril 1, 2022

April is National Poetry Month. Did you know that psychologists and researchers have found a connection between reading or writing poetry and emotional healing? Poetry is an opportunity for people to self-reflect, grow, and connect with their innermost feelings, fears, sorrows and other deep emotions. Poetry also connects people to those who have similar experiences….

marzo 18, 2021

Feminism.   It’s a polarized word.   I would consider myself a prolife feminist.  I am also a stay at home mother of four, I veil for the Holy Mass, and I love serving my family and husband.  I once had an abortion, and it nearly destroyed me.  I do not believe that abortion has created equality…

marzo 8, 2021

Here are some women’s rights that I think we need to push for: A woman’s right to not be pressured into an abortion. A woman’s right to complete, truthful and accurate information on what abortion is, does and side effects to her body, mental, emotional and spiritual health. A woman’s right to be pregnant and…

octubre 15, 2020

It’s October, the month my Post Traumatic Stress picks up several notches. (This is the month my aborted child would have had his birthday.)   Where most of the year I live a normal life, in October and January, my body remembers the trauma, and I have to dig in HARD to find balance, reconnect…

octubre 9, 2020

It’s October. 9 years after the due date month of my lost child. The child abortion killed. The child I killed. It gets hard every year around this time. Many people tell women who have had abortions that they don’t have the right to mourn their child. That they chose this, so they can’t feel…

octubre 19, 2019

My 2 cents when it comes to crisis pregnancies in your life:   If a woman comes to you, or you hear about her crisis pregnancy there are so many things you can say to encourage her. Like, “wow! Congratulations!” “What can I do to help you?” “What do you need?”   When I was…

agosto 9, 2017

The sin of my abortion kept me a captive for far too long.  While I was trapped in darkness, God was hustling to free me.  Hustling.   But guess who else was hustling to keep me trapped? The devil.  A war was waging for my soul, and as it waged, I listened to the lies of…


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