Poetry helped me discover my courage after abortion.

April is National Poetry Month, and to celebrate I am posting several never before published poems that I wrote during times of deep sadness, desolation and sorrow. You can read the first and second poems here.

When I was experiencing deep suffering after my abortion, I reflected on the moment I consumed the abortion pill. I did not recognize my true self in that moment, or any of the moments leading up to that decision. It was like looking at a separate person, while my true self was caged by fear. Suffering alone after the loss of my child, I wanted desperately to break free of that pain, and to forgive the lost and suffering person who consumed RU-486. The poem below, titled “Who Are You?” was written to uncover and discover who I truly was, and unleash the courage that had been crushed within me. Please enjoy the poem written by Elizabeth Gillette.

Who Are you?

Who are you,

you terrified creature,

with deceived ears

and eyes pleading for rescue.

I know not your courageless  heart,

the lion tamed to another’s whim.

Whose reflection is this

who denies her own flesh and blood?

And finds no comfort in the sigh of relief

of the one who urges.

Who are you?

Whose lies did you struggle with


    in the dark,

while you pleaded for truth

but bent to the will of immaturity?


Who are you?

I know you not.

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