Post Traumatic Stress

It’s October, the month my Post Traumatic Stress picks up several notches. (This is the month my aborted child would have had his birthday.)
Where most of the year I live a normal life, in October and January, my body remembers the trauma, and I have to dig in HARD to find balance, reconnect with healing, self forgiveness and God’s abundant Grace.
We aren’t lying. Abortion hurts women. It doesn’t go away, folks. And there are women. Out there trapped in this darkness, many not even knowing what is causing their darkness because no one told them, “oh hey…. that abortion you had could be causing your depression and PTSD and your eating disorder….”
Be compassionate. Be the person who says “I love you, and you are worthy. You can step out of the darkness and into the light. I’ll help you.”
What NOT to say to a woman who has had an abortion:
“Its time to move on”
“It wasn’t/isn’t that bad”
“It was legal so it was ok”
“Get over it”
“How could you do that??”
“Well I would never have done that”
“Its been x number of years, it shouldn’t still be affecting you.”
What TO say to a woman who has had an abortion:
“I’m sorry you went through that”
“I love you”
“God loves you. He can forgive you”
“We won’t forget your baby”
“What do you need?”
“I am here to listen”
“Do you want help finding healing ministries? I will go with you/make the call/sit with you while we search online”
If you have found yourself responding to post abortive women in the wrong way, its not too late to change. Open your heart.

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