Women needs these rights:

Here are some women’s rights that I think we need to push for:
A woman’s right to not be pressured into an abortion.
A woman’s right to complete, truthful and accurate information on what abortion is, does and side effects to her body, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
A woman’s right to be pregnant and carry her child to term without shame, guilt. And fear of the future.
A woman’s right to not be lied to about chemical abortificants, birth control, the long term side effects, as well as risks ( i.e. people with migraine with Aura should not receive birth control with estrogen as it increases risk of stroke….)
A woman’s right to learning about her body in public school such as cycles, charting ovulation, LH surges and estrogen surges and how that can be tracked, ovulation accurately predicted through various methods (urine tests, mucus, temperature etc.) in order to achieve or avoid pregnancy rather than relying on birth control that can be extremely harmful.
A woman’s right to say no to the over sexualization of her sex/gender.

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