I am a Prolife Feminist


It’s a polarized word.  

I would consider myself a prolife feminist.  I am also a stay at home mother of four, I veil for the Holy Mass, and I love serving my family and husband.  I once had an abortion, and it nearly destroyed me.  I do not believe that abortion has created equality between men and women, but rather created yet another tool for men to victimize women.

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Feminism, the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes.


The feminist movement championed women’s rights, and I am so thankful for so many positive things that came from the movement my mother and grandmother fought for. Equal pay, the right to vote, the right to get a credit card, the right to play sports (I wrestled in USA wrestling for years as a child alongside my brothers, competing almost exclusively against boys.) Third wave feminism brought us the #MeToo movement, of which I am a supporter, as I have numerous sexual attacks and harassments as a young woman, both in the workplace, relationships and at random.

But there are consequences from the feminist waves and movement that have been extremely negative and far reaching, and I would venture to guess the majority women who fought for equality were not aware of the negative consequences that would bubble up. The second wave of feminism fought hard for sexual freedom, birth control and access to abortion. This has created an entire culture and multi billion dollar industry that profits off of the genocide of innocent human beings. It has created a generation of young men who have had the ability to simply walk away from responsibility. The “My body my choice!” mantra has excused men from their responsibility and their rights as fathers. Likewise, many men have found it easy to simply tell a woman to “get rid of it.” Coercion, abuse…

Abortion has become yet another way to victimize women.

(Please don’t misunderstand me. Men suffer from abortion too. If you are a man who has suffered from the loss of a child, may I humbly refer you to an amazing program called Support After Abortion where you will find tools and healing resources that will guide you through this difficult and tragic time.)

The following piece was written in March of 2021 as a way to explore how feminism has hurt women.


Lets take a moment to talk real seriously,

About the culture of death that’s plaguing you and me.

Where my sisters and my mothers and my grandmothers fought

To make the world a better place

Or so they thought.

To throw off oppression and have a say in their lives

To go beyond the walls of home life and just being wives

And they fought for the rights that we enjoy today,

Like credit cards and jobs and equal pay,

Voting and owning their own cars and homes

Playing sports that only boys played,

And taking out loans…

But they didn’t know that screaming

And yelling,

To kick off the dust

Of generations of repression subjugation and unjust

Treatment would include this culture of death

All the paranoia and the killing and That mimics Macbeth.

First they championed a pill that women should take

To keep them from conceiving little souls in the wake

so they could partake

In sex and fornication and a women’s revolution,

This pill was touted as

the greatest solutions.

Have sex, be safe, don’t worry at all

Stand up for the freedoms men have had all along

Don’t think about a pregnancy if the timing is wrong,

Just swallow this pill, keep it blue like the matrix,

If you swallowed a red one,

You would know how they play tricks…

First they told us we weren’t enough to have careers,

But now you better make the money and watch your family disappear.

One baby at a time, Planned parenthood it here!

That blue pill that you swallowed got you feeling despair.

Birth control was first but you better beware…

I can tell you all about it, because I did it to,

I killed my little baby when he was brand new.

They took 800 dollars, said I would feel relief,

But they didn’t tell me about all the pain and the grief…

About the man who walked away fatherless and carefree,

No one batted an eye at what abortion did to me.

Look at how history has treated the fair sex

Who carries a child, she was treated like an object

Scarlet letter on her chest, she carries the blame

While a man runs around and even though he did the same.

Now instead of pointing our fingers in disgust,

We hand over some cash and tell her she must

Kill her little baby or wear the scarlet letter,

Her life without a baby will be so much better.

While we’re killing off our children like King Herod the Great,

Planned parenthood makes millions off our vulnerable state,

Men wash their hands of the responsibility,

While we pay the price for our depreciated fertility.

When our freedoms rank higher than the life of a human,

People profit of the fear the lack of courage and confusion.

First they said we had a right to have sex,

Then they said our right to kill a baby was next.

But they never tell the truth about the value we hold,

The inherent beauty of our worth, our power is like gold.

Why do they tell us we have to kill or own?

We cant go to school, have a career, face the unknown?

We used to be “not strong enough”

To have jobs, vote, or go to college,

Now they won’t tell us the truth or even acknowledge

That this culture of death has just made a new cage

For women to be trapped in in our modern age.

They say we aren’t strong enough to do all those things

That having a bundle of joy inevitably brings

My body my choice, except when I want to keep it,

Coercion abounds, you wouldn’t believe it.

Anxiety, uncertainty, timidity and fear

This isn’t the era nor the frontier

Our sisters and mothers and grandmothers fought for,

What they had in mind was so much more.

Ladies, I know the world is unkind,

when we feel shame for what we were designed,

why can’t we celebrate every conception?

instead of profiting off abortion and deception?

When will men stand up for their offspring?

Instead of throwing up their hands and flat out ignoring

Their responsibility to a woman, it takes two to play,

Just like a scarlet letter, abortion is just a woman’s shameful display.

When will planned parenthood stop lying

About the “good” they are doing.

Admit it kills a baby and maims a mother for life,

Leaves her full of grief, pain and strife

She might not feel it right away like I did,

But it’s deep in her heart and soul god forbid,

She’s waiting in silence to be rescued from this hell,

And at risk of wearing that letter she won’t ever tell

And if she does, she’s screaming for the right

Her body her choice, this ridiculous fight,

I guarantee you under all that anger and hate

Is so much pain she can’t even see straight.

Is this what we want for our daughters and granddaughters?

A world that makes choices and flat-out slaughters?

Abortion is the leading cause of death worldwide,

So when it comes down to it, you better choose your side.

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